Christina began developing the Rainbow of Sound® materials
 in the 1980’s with the Learn How To Play Harp series of books and DVDs.
Many harpists have started with this Method and have gone on to attend outstanding music schools. Others have come to learn and love music through this series.
The Rainbow of Sound® program evolved over the years where most harp players who understand the basics of playing the harp can implement the lessons outlined in the program by professionals. The facilitator has every necessary item needed to start people on a pathway of music making!

This program is used in pre-schools, elementary schools, teen centers as well as with adults and seniors in a variety of settings.

The Color My World© Series  offers beautiful melodies for the harp beginner.  This program is specifically designed for support groups, community groups, health-care facilities and teen programs while at the same time it can 
augment the Rainbow of Sound® program for schools and adult/senior groups.
Research has proven that when people experience the sound of relaxing music, they relax which leads to deeper breathing. In turn, this helps in the oxygenation of the body helping people to gain a better sense of well-being.

The songs are categorized into collections that appeal to people in different emotional and physical states.

  • Lullabies for babies
  • Songs of strength and encouragement
  • Songs of hope and love
  • Songs of faith and gratitude
  • Songs of new beginnings
Introduction Video to Color My World with Harp

All the songs can stand alone just for the 
enjoyment of learning a simple song on the harp.The beautiful DVDs show the processes of playing the tunes.

  • Those having no musical background easily learn these tunes
  • Color codes and numbers achieve success in music making
  • The songs are also multi-level arranged for groups of people including special needs and those with physical challenges 
so that they can be part of a Harp Circle
  • Tunes are featured from various decades so that there is something 
familiar for every age group  


International Harp Therapy

What Is Harp Therapy ?

For centuries, the beneficial relationship between music and healing has been well established. We now have substantial documentation of the responsiveness to and appreciation of music by peoples of all ages and cultures. Music played on the harp has several unique healing properties. The resonance from the strings, including the range of pitch and tonal color, set up an important relationship between the sound and the recipient. Historically, the harp has been a symbol of relief and comfort.

Practitioner graduates of the International Harp Therapy Program use the small harp as a bedside instrument with the intention of supporting the recipient’s goal of healing. This goal may be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual in nature. The soothing sounds of the harp not only can enhance the quality of life, but create the possibility of interactive work in which the recipient might play the harp. Working with the therapeutic harp is as varied as our clients.


Learn more about the  IHTP


Harp Therapy Campus

Exciting opportunities await you in the field of music and healthcare!
If this sounds like your dream, we invite you to explore the International Harp Therapy Program.

New technology makes it possible for you to begin study from your own home, with nine months to digest and reflect on what you’re learning.

You’ll Learn:

  • The relevance of myths and archetypes for modern healers
  • Musical intervals and modes, and their application to healing
  • How sound and vibration impacts our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies
  • An enabling language and skills for working in healthcare settings
  • How to market your skills and find job opportunities