Kits and Packages

The Rainbow of Sound® Package includes the following items:

  • 6 harps
  • 6 cases
  • 1 cart
  • 6 music stands (for people living outside the States, we subtract $150.00 from the total  amount of the package and suggest that they purchase a cart and music stands  in their own country to save on customs and shipping costs.)
  • 6 Books and 6 DVDs
  • 6 straps
  • 6 sticks
  • 1 set of JOIN IN books
  • 1 huge Facilitator Manual with all the teaching lessons, support materials
  • A wholesale account with Emerald Harp Productions (this account will entitle you to purchase additional material at wholesale cost and earn income with resale.)

The 6 harps fit in a cart

(see kit photo) and take up approximately 3’x3’x5’ space. Accessories fit in the bottom of the cart. These small instruments are very durable. The facilitator will know how to tune the harps and disinfect them.

For the facilitator, they purchase (or the organization or institution purchases) the set of harps, accessories, books, DVDs, and comprehensive teaching manual.
The manual is filled with documents including contracts, advertisements, teaching aids, lesson plans for young children, older children, teens, adults and seniors, and logos recognition gifts and certificates.
This program can be implemented by most harp players who understand the basics of playing the harp.
Our facilitators utilize fun and storylines
with visuals to enhance the time spent learning the harp.

Learning simple tunes that work as rounds creates a sense of belonging to a group.

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The Program/Package Costs

The Rainbow of Sound® program is $4500.00 plus s/h
*The Color My World Harp Package of books, DVDs and guide can be added on to the Rainbow of Sound Program for an additional $450.00 bringing the total to $4700.00.


Color My World©

Introduction Video to Color My World with Harp

The Color My World© Series  * Love and Beauty (Pink)   offers beautiful melodies for the harp beginner.  This program is designed for people in support centers, rehab units, school programs, community groups, health-care facilities and also for people who just want to learn to play. Video clips show close-up fingering, chord progressions, the melody with beautiful accompaniments and then visuals with the accompaniment where the player can play-along.

This package offers the same components as the above Rainbow of Sound program (see above) except for the manual – in place, there are:

        • 6 beginner sets of music cards, chord charts and DVDs
        • a pillar prompter (holder that fits onto the harp column to hold the music card)
        • a shoulder pouch to hold the music cards and chord charts
        • Facilitator guides
        • Set of handbells

Research has proven that when people experience the sound of relaxing music, then they relax which leads to deeper breathing. In turn, this helps in the oxygenation of the body helping people to gain a better sense of well-being.

The songs are categorized into collections that address the needs of people in special circumstances

  • Songs of tranquility for peace and lullabies for babies
  • Songs of strength and encouragement
  • Songs of hope and love
  • Songs of faith and gratitude
  • Songs of new beginnings

All the music can stand alone for the individual just for the 
enjoyment of learning a simple song on the harp.

*Therapeutic harpists will enjoy having a over 70 melodies to pull from in their shoulder pouch and can use the accompaniments to use in group settings or for specific circumstances.

The beautiful DVDs show the processes of playing the tunes.

  • Those having no musical background easily learn these tunes
  • Color codes and numbers achieve success in music making
  • The songs are also multi-level arranged for groups of people including special needs and those with physical challenges 
so that they can be part of a Harp Circle
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The Program/Package Costs

The Color My World© program is $4500.00 plus s/h

*The Rainbow of Sound® Package of books, DVDs and manual can be added on to the Color My World© Program for an additional $400.00 bringing the total to $4900.00.