What we offer

  • Many years of experience advising, designing and implementing Rainbow of Sound programs into hospitals, care units and various school facilities.
  • A profound knowledge of the field and a sensitivity to the concerns and needs of the participants 
  • Fully Trained professional staff aware of the unique environmental challenges and demands of the facilities in which they serve
  • Detailed information, resources and proven means to help bring engaging, music activities to sensitive and demanding situations
  • Unique funding opportunities and suggestions for obtaining the support and materials you will need to get your program setup and running
  • Documentation and step-by-step guides to support you at every step of this exciting journey
  • An invitation for you to start a communication with us in the creation of a no obligation proposal, customized to your facilities needs and aspirations

A creative options for securing funds! To hire a facilitator and start implementing a Harp Circle in your facility, consider creating a raffle…

Our Rainbow of Sound programs are offering children in schools, hospitals, camps, and people in rehab and senior centers a whole new exciting opportunity to play music…


The International Harp Program graduates have a firm education and experience in music development, basic medical terminology and understandings. Many of the facilitators have graduated from this program.