Special Needs

Many of our Rainbow of Sound® facilitators 
work with individuals and groups with special needs. We invite you to watch this video clip of a remarkable young woman who plays the harp. Her facilitator is Orla Busteed of Cork Ireland. We use techniques of storytelling with many of these young adults.  (See Video on Right hand panel – Cork Music Works >>)

Harp with Special Needs ChildrenHarp Music for Special Needs ChildrenComment:

My autistic student, Liam, is doing exceptionally well at his harp lessons. Santa is going to bring him his own harp for Christmas, which is wonderful. – Orla Busteed

A HarpCircle in action

Cork group IEPs (Individualized Educational Plans) are often created for students with disabilities, who are required by law to have the IEP when appropriate. Schools that fund a set of harps can add this form of learning to the IEP of a child.

AfterSchoolHarpsThe  Administrator at the and at-risk Academy school system has informed Jocelyn Obermeyer (AZ)  that the children’s test scores have been higher since the Harp Program was implemented.  Teachers have commented that they like Harp Days because the children are calmer  and more focused in their day after playing the harp.

Working with 8 children with special needs ranging in ages from kindergarten through 6th grade, Jocelyn noticed the harp stories like The Dove really engaged these children. The focus of this group of students was to create  (storytelling) using the harp to “illustrate” their stories. She remembers one young man would create water stories and tell us facts about the ocean and the creatures that live in the deep seas. Another young lady was so shy to play but by the end of the series, she played a solo and told a story!

Jocelyn continues by saying the the other 55 or so students liked playing the harp, musical games, sharing songs they created, and interacting in a positive way with each other and their teacher. This is an opportunity to meet these children where they are at on many levels and the harp Experience serves as a “safe arena” for them. This “Cradle of Sound” holds the space for these children to develop their musical skills, social skills, creative skills, team work skills, leadership abilities, and self-awareness/self esteem visions.

We work hard to include everybody and I make sure each student is successful in their own playing by modifying, massaging, and marrying together small groups and partnerships.


Harp Therapy with Special Needs Children Laurence Marie - Harp with Special Needs
 Laurence Marie works with special needs children in New Brunswick, Canada. Here we see her giving a presentation to recreology and kinesiology students at U of Moncton experiencing vibroacoutic harp therapy and hearing about her work with special kids.

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SPECIAL NEEDS – Please note:
We highly recommend a music therapist, therapeutic harp practitioner or a therapeutically trained facilitator for Rainbow of Sound and Color My World with Harp programs in these areas. Graduates of music therapy, therapeutic music programs and the International Harp Therapy Program are prepared in listening skills, hospital procedures and understanding of medications. Hospital workers may enjoy learning to play the harp for their own pleasure and de-stress management. And perhaps eventually partake in Therapeutic Music training so that they may offer harp one day to their clients!