Harp Circles bring joy to community. This page is designed for directors of organizations to gather more information about the benefits of adding a Harp Circle to their programs. The Rainbow of Sound Program has enjoyed a decade of serving people in educational, community groups and healthcare facilities.

We invite those in Health care to visit our GLOSSARY to understand how trained musicians can best serve people in your facility. This Glossary is aided by pictures of leaders in various fields, and the in-roads many have taken to educate on the forms of music for various areas. Then, you may continue to explore ways in which various trained people can bring Harp Circles to your facility encouraging others to seek out further training.



We highly recommend a music therapist, therapeutic harp practitioner or a therapeutically trained facilitator for Rainbow of Sound and Color My World with Harp programs in these areas. Graduates of music therapy, therapeutic music programs and the International Harp Therapy Program are prepared in listening skills, hospital procedures and understanding of medications. Hospital workers may enjoy learning to play the harp for their own pleasure and de-stress management. And perhaps eventually partake in Therapeutic Music training so that they may offer harp one day to their clients!


When working in rehab units, we often alternate between Harp Circles and individual work with participants in those Circles. This enables the facilitator to tailor the music-making process to the individual and focus on the tasks they are learning to do. After the individual sessions, coming together into a Harp Circle enables them to be a part of a group creating a beautiful piece of music in full harmony.


When our Certified Harp Therapy Practitioners go into Neo- Intensive Care Units, very often there is chaos with crying babies and beeping machines. When we find the common tone of all the machine sounds and harmonize with those tones, then the babies notice the harmony. They listen and the crying subsides. The nurses are grateful for the calm that enters the room.


Harp in NICU

Mothers-in-Waiting and NICU

Mothers-in-waiting confined to long-term bed rest ensuring the healthy development of their babies, enjoy the opportunity to go to the lounge and compose their own baby’s song. Meeting with other moms adds the community component and the babies benefit from the sound vibrations that they hear and feel while In utero.We recommend a trained therapeutic harp practitioner as facilitator in this area. The practitioner/facilitator is also trained to play for the birthing process.


Our recent acquisition of the non-profit ANGEL HARPS will make it possible for donations to be made for harps to be placed in children’s hospitals. It will also make it possible for our IHTP teens who play harp to train as Rainbow of Sound Facilitators to bring music to children in public waiting areas. 

Our adult facilitators
are also available for these positions. We recommend the teens to offer harp circles in the lounge areas to those children who are mobile. The adults work with children in their rooms. Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida has a very active program for their children’s area. Children come to Charlie’s Corner for all kinds of activities incl1uding harpCathy Dewitt can offer you some amazing guidance on setting up a program.

 Cathy sharing the harp