ASSISTED LIVING, RETIREMENT HOMES, and NURSING HOMES Senior Resident homes and nursing homes are wonderful places to bring joy and music-making to people. Many of the graduates of the International Harp Therapy Program bring their harps to assisted living homes. Each person has a very easy part to play, either a line of a melody or a chord progression. We also use bells so that more people have the opportunity to play along. 


Harp Circle in Assisted Living, Senior Homes and Nursing Homes


Harp Circles are reaching out to many support groups. Working with Teens through after school programs and groups like Al-Anon will help to close the sessions with positive music-making.


At Wake Forest Baptist Medical Hospital in NC and other hospitals throughout the country, Harp Circles are bringing joy and companionship to those dealing with the trials and tribulations of their cancer diagnosis. Our Color My World Series offers songs and videos to help deal with the diversity of emotions while meeting in groups.


Music for Cancer Support - Pink HarpsWe are excited to announce our new Breast Cancer Support  Group Harp Circles featuring all Pink Harps! 
Our new program for Support Groups for Breast Cancer will feature 6 pink harps and music of hope, self-esteem, and courage.

There are many support groups that benefit from the Harp Circles. Please fill out our REQUEST FORM and we can help design the ideal program for you.


Caregiving – Please note:
We highly recommend a music therapist, therapeutic harp practitioner or a therapeutically trained facilitator for Rainbow of Sound and Color My World with Harp programs in these areas. Graduates of music therapy, therapeutic music programs and the International Harp Therapy Program are prepared in listening skills, hospital procedures and understanding of medications. Hospital workers may enjoy learning to play the harp for their own pleasure and de-stress management. And perhaps eventually partake in Therapeutic Music training so that they may offer harp one day to their clients!