Angel Harps

Gifting to our non-profit 501c3 Angel Harps

We are pleased to announce that we now are offering tax-deductible gifting of harps and facilitating to Children’s hospitals, special needs groups, senior communities, specialized camps for children with terminal illnesses, community groups, rehabilitation centers, school programs and after school programs. We invite you to look at the many ways that your financial gift can bring music to people in these settings and more by exploring this website. Your gift may be ear-marked for a certain area provided we have a facilitator to introduce the program or you may designate it for the greatest need.

Your gift may be of any amount. Even the smallest amount can be added to the greatest need. The most beneficial amounts to offer these community music-making opportunities are as follows:

A gift of $700. can purchase one harp for a facility with a facilitator to introduce the program. The facilitator can impart the materials with a designated person in the facility and provide the initial guidance.

A gift of $6500.00 can offer six harps, bells, rhythm instruments and all learning materials so that multiple people in a facility (comfortably including up to 30 people) can interact and compliment each other in the music-making process. This gift may be designated for one specific facility or for a traveling music-making opportunity for multiple facilities in a designated area. (Schools, hospitals, community groups, special needs).

ANY AMOUNT in between can provide materials, harps and trained facilitators to show how a facility can benefit from a partial program.

Please make your gift check out to:
‘Angel Harps’
and mail it to
Angel Harps, P.O.Box 333, Mount Laguna, CA 91948
If you prefer to make a bank transfer, please CONTACT US.


Community Music-making for children by children.

Gifting harps has made it possible for people like Sondra Franceil of Georgia to conduct community music-making groups and enable harp player Beautiful Sheriff to go on to a harp career.  read Beautiful’s story here – THE HARP MIRACLEUpdate: Beautiful is busy practicing the Concerto in D Major by Vivaldi,  for an March audition to perform at the prestigious Spivey Hall in Morrow GA on April 15.  This is part of the Young Performer’s Concerto Debut program, and it will be performed with the Southern Crescent Youth Symphony, Dr. Richard Bell, conductor.


Beautiful Sheriff
advances in a musical
career because of her
gift of a harp!

We invite you to watch this very special news coverage of Laurence Marie of New Brunswick, Canada using therapeutic harp with a young autistic girl.

Click on image for videoCLICK HERE to watch the video

Thank you in advance for bringing joy and music-making to people!

“Harps for Humankind”