Getting Started

What Information do I need?

“I am an employee in a hospice and wish to introduce a Harp Circle to my department. I don’t know quite how to go about this, or what it would actually involve.
What information do I need to know whether it would be viable in my situation?”

First, study our site and go to the area that pertains to your facility – HealthcareSchoolsCaregiving. We have developed a power-point presentation for you that pertains to your facility. In that presentation, you will find information on costs and answers to your questions.

  • We then invite you to fill out our Request Form so that we can best advise you to people in your area and those with expertise that can answer your questions.
  • You also have the support of our Trained Staff to offer presentation workshops at in-service gatherings.
  • Further information is available at Healthcare Facilities. And please feel free to Contact Us.

If you do not have a facilitator in your area

We can send someone to you to set up the program. This can happen while your harps are being made and delivered which is usually takes about 2 months. There is a negotiable fee for the service of the facilitator and then your facility can negotiate further if the facilitator stays on or if you engage your own in-house coordinator/facilitator who has gone through training.

Do I need to learn to Play the Harp?

Many of you have heard about learning to play the harp both for your own stress reduction, enjoyment and for the goal of playing for those you serve.  This area is for you.

I have never played music before

We have developed a series for you where you can learn basic melodies on the harp. They are easy and can be learned in a short period of time.

For those who have not had any music training before and would like to learn the basics, we recommend that you add the Rainbow of Sound book 1 and 2 to your wish list. These books will teach you how to read music. But this is not necessary in order to be successful in the Color My World Series.

Color My World with Harp series
* Songs of Love and Beauty just released 


With each collection of songs in the Color My World series, there is a DVD that will show you the fingering on the harp and a guide to the basics of tuning your harp, changing a string and how to hold your hand for effective playing.
The music has the letter names
of the notes indicated for non-music reader.  The numbers indicated show you which of your fingers to use. As you learn these basic melodies you can play along with the DVD. You will be learning the rhythm of the songs in this process. 

Items mentioned above can be found on the Emerald Harp website