Sondra Franceil facilitates the Rainbow Harp Choir through the organization:  Peach County Family Connection. The Blue Heron Lake Nature Conservancy (a 501c3 non-profit) is a collaborative member of this group, and the Rainbow of Sound Harp Choir is part of the inner-city mission of the Conservancy.

The Peach County Family Connection has targeted the Tabor Heights community of Fort Valley, Georgia as a community in need of uplifting. The Peach County Family Connection is a state affiliate–most Georgia counties have one – and they are dedicated to improving the life of the community.

The Family Connection is a collaboration among the various non-profit groups in each county.  Each county chooses its own emphasis.  Peach County is focused on child abuse, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, and illiteracy.

Peach County Family connection is a community support group, and also runs an after school program in Tabor Heights. The harp choir is part of the after shool program.

Harps for Community Groups

Sondra Franceil’s Peach County Community Harp Choir

Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation Classes

In Windsor, Ontario, seniors meet to exercise using Tai Chi to harp music.

Tai Chi and Harp Circles

Harp and YogaOne area that people can come together in music-making community is at the end of their yoga or meditation class.  This provides the opportunity to create music after an evening of relaxation. We are developing a set of tunes based on chants, kirtans from different practices.

Intergenerational Groups

One of our practitioners is developing a program where young children learn to play harp and then play for our senior population in assisted living and nursing homes.