How HC’s work

It only takes one person to run the program.

We have trained facilitators through our Harp Therapy program and any music therapist can easily implement the program. In addition to our trained facilitators, someone who already plays the harp and lives in your area can also facilitate the circle.
We recommend highly that healthcare facilities and support groups engage a facilitator who has had training in music therapy, therapeutic music programs or in health related areas.

For school groups, after school programs, church and community groups, we list our facilitators who can provide educational direction.
If you do not have a facilitator in your area, we can send someone to you to set up the program. They will work with one of your in-house interested people. This can happen while your harps are being made and delivered which is usually takes about 2 months.
There is a negotiable fee for the service of the facilitator and then your facility can negotiate further if the facilitator stays on or if you engage your own in-house coordinator/facilitator.

All materials are provided for the facilitator. There are detailed lesson plans and appropriate materials for the various types of facilities.

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