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Harp Circles for All Ages


What is a Harp Circle?

The basic Rainbow of Sound/Color My World Harp Circle comprises a set of 6 small harps that can be used in groups or individually. The Harp Circle brings players together in community for creative music making. The programs are based on the synergistic concept that many individual parts create the whole and therefore, it encourages each person to do their part, no matter how easy or simple it may be to add to the complete harmony.
The music that is facilitated is age and level appropriate. We have programs for pre-school, elementary school, teen programs, adult programs and senior programs as well as for special needs, rehabilitation units, support groups to name a few.
Depending on the type of facility engaging the Harp Circle, there are different programs formats. Please view these formats under your specific type of organization.

The Origins of Harp Circles

In the early 1980’s, pioneer professional harpers, Chris Caswell, Sile (Fleming) Harriss, Janet Mikesell Naylor, Laurie Riley, Sue Richards, Kim Robertson and Christina Tourin developed the concept of Harp Circles Christina continued through the 1990’s developing Harp Circles through the Rainbow of Sound Program in schools when music programs were beginning to be cut from the school curriculum.
One of the many innovations she has brought to the Harp Circle concept is the use of rainbow-colored harps. This encourages the participants to always attend so that the Rainbow is complete.

Rainbow Harps

Amma's Youth Gathering in Germany - AYUDH

Amma’s Youth Gathering in Germany – AYUDH

How HC’s Work

It only takes one person to run the program!

We have trained facilitators that can easily implement the program. In addition to our facilitators, healthcare facilities can call upon trained Therapeutic Musicians and Music Therapists to implement these programs in healthcare facilities. We have trained facilitators who have also completed the International Harp Therapy Program. Someone who already plays the harp and lives in your area can also facilitate the circle for schools, community groups, yoga and tai chi classes. 
  We recommend highly that healthcare facilities and support groups engage a facilitator who has had training in music therapy, therapeutic music programs or in health related areas.

For school groups, after school programs, church and community groups, we list our facilitators who can provide educational direction. 
If you do not have a facilitator in your area, we can send someone to you to set up the program. They will work with one of your interested in-house people or local musicians. This can happen while your harps are being made and delivered which is usually takes about 2 months.
There is a negotiable fee for the service of the facilitator and then your facility can negotiate further if the facilitator stays on or if you engage your own trained in-house or community coordinator/facilitator.

All materials are provided for the facilitator. There are detailed lesson plans and appropriate materials for the various types of facilities.

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Why use Harps?

The small harp is very easy to play. The strings are color-coded and there are no ‘unpleasant’ sounds. It also offers participation to everyone involved based on their own level. The music making embraces the premise of harmony, meaning that one person may be eager to play a complete tune while another only has the facility to play one or two repetitious notes. But when all is put together, it creates a symphony of sound!
The instruments are virtually indestructible and are easily disinfected. The cost is affordable for many individuals and organizations. Aesthetically, Harp Circles are pleasing to the eye as well as the ear.